Gary Visconti the canvas is my world

Showcased, awarded and celebrated in seven countries, Gary's art has been inspired by worldwide travel as a professional athlete early in life, an Olympian and author. Gary has honed his painting craft for over forty years. He is based in Arizona and Central México.

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U.S. Olympian National Art Competition, 1st Prize. World Tour Art Exhibit covering eight countries - Blue Ribbon, Honorable Mention. Featured World Hall of fame Colorado Springs, "Art Wall". Now showing in Los Angeles and Phoenix.


Gary Visconti has taken his legendary career as an Olympian and World Professional Champion to a secure role as a leader in sports and fitness. During his seven decades, Visconti pursued health and fitness with the same commitment as he did in his figure skating youth.


The president of Southern California Olympians for four years, with a Presidential Appointment, tapped for leadership on the President´s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Washington, DC, serving with friend, turned Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As founder and CEO of United Fitness Foundation, Gary perpetuates the Olympic spirit of dedication and discipline in fitness and sports which enhances the lives of America´s youth. Inducted into the USF Hall of Fame, 2001. Inspiration for my art is from sport and live performances around the world.


"Falling For The Win" In this book I talk about my dedication to the art and discipline of figure skating and the life experiences that emerged from winning and losing but never giving up.

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